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Premises Liability

Law Offices of Morgan J. Gray, P.C.

Long Term Disability v. Short Term Disability

Workers’ Compensation v. Jones Act

Workers’ Compensation v. Personal Injury

Longshore and Harbor Workers Act v. Defense Base Act

Bricks Law

Woodstock: Accident w/Drunk Driver

Jonesboro: Commercial Vehicle and Truck Accidents

Jonesboro: Car Accidents


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Colorado Accident Law Blog

How Long Will It Take To Settle My Personal Injury Case?

3 Reasons You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage

5 Things Insurance Adjusters Don’t Need to Know

When (or Should) I Drop Collision Coverage on My Car?

Who Pays What? Insurance and Auto Accidents

Radius of Influence Word-of-Mouth Marketing Blog

Using Meaningful Content to Build Your Business

Finding Clients: Increase Your Opportunities With Social Media

Why Your Website Should be About Your Clients, Not You


3 Things Companies Must Do When Using Credit Reports to Make Hiring Decisions

Is There Email After Death? What Happens to Online Accounts When Someone Dies

The Complete Lawyer

What Your Direct Mail Says is Only Half the Battle: Envelopes That Will Get Opened

Tech and Science

Everything But The Espresso: New Car Features to Help Keep Drivers Alert


Survey Says: Small Businesses are Embracing Social Media Marketing

Vantage Local

Branding is a Conversation: Who to Listen to When Establishing an Identity

Business 2 Community

Surfing for Business: Networking and Marketing Online

Everything PR

Technology to Keep Prospects and Boost Returns

Tom Altman.com

Collecting Business Cards, The Digital Way

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Clio’s Annual Survey Apple in Law Offices 2013 Report


Oil & Gas Monitor

  • I ghosted this article on offshore tracking injuries for Houston, Texas Attorney Jeffrey Raizner.

Offshore Fracking Injuries

 The Legal Examiner

  • I ghosted this blog post on dangerous toy recalls for Baltimore, Maryland Attorney Nathanial Fick.

Is the Toy Your Child Got For Christmas Unsafe?


Rapid City Journal

  • The Rapid City Journal is a local daily newspaper in Rapid City, SD. It was founded in 1878 and has a circulation of about 30,000.  I have written for the Journal on a freelance basis since 2007.

Christmas in the Library

Rapid City Women Attend Final Taping of “Oprah”

Couch Surf the World

Clinton Visit  Brings Diverse Crowd

First Habitat Homeowner Pays Off Mortgage

What Do You Get When You Cross Harry Potter and Chess?

Sacred Breath Fights Commercial Tobacco Use

Simulation Offers Look at Poverty

Heavy Games Have Link to Scottish History                                                                                

Harney All-Stars Welcomed Home From Little League World Series 

Belly Dancing More Than Meets the Eye

The Road to the Runway                                                                                                              

Sweet Day for Cookie Maker

Dance Veteran Takes Step Forward

Illness Turned Into Art

Bright Lights Rapid City

Try Thai To-Go

Local Chef Cooks With Farm to Table Approach

Hands-on Halloween

Make Your Own Sausage

The Dakota Diet


Paralegal Today

  • Paralegal Today is a national trade magazine that provides paralegals with the latest news, salary data, how-to, tips and cautions, software and hardware reviews, and digital forms. It has been published since 1983 and is the only independent legal news resource covering paralegals.

Choosing a Paralegal Program

E-Discovery Management

Virtual Paralegal Internships

The Warrior

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt


From Green Industries to Green Jobs

  • From Green Industries to Green Jobs is a book that was published by Gale, Cengage Learning in June 2012 to help today’s students and workers find tomorrow’s best green jobs. I contributed 14 essays to this book, which includes more than 100 entries on job overviews, key skills, and “day in the life” information about these emerging occupations.  Here are samples of several of the essays I wrote:





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Build Your Professional Network: The How-To Guide